Secure and decentralized VPN
for the blockchain age.

A modern VPN backed by blockchain anonymity and security.
Share & monetize your unused bandwidth and earn Sentinel tokens.

Check out our GitHub repository - Sentinel is an open-source and transparent project.

Distributed and encrypted VPN.

Trustless by design.

Decentralized Peer to Peer VPN

P2P DVPN allowing for monetization of bandwidth by taking part as a relay or exit node. Also includes anonymization features such as packet standardization and more.

Sentinel Utility Chain

Multiple service based chains that will communicate via SENT ERC20 token with the use of APIs to allow for cross chain transactions circumventing the dependence of services on GAS.

Sentinel Resources Payment Gateway

Robust and secure payment gateway which enables trustless micro-transactions for recurring digital services such as dVPN bandwidth usage.

Sentinel Anonymous Mixer

First truly anonymous mixing service for an ERC20 token which will utilize the token swap feature of the service chain to create a mixing pool and anonymize cross chain transactions.

Download the Sentinel Desktop Wallet Alpha

Token Info and Distribution

Contract Address: 0xa44E5137293E855B1b7bC7E2C6f8cD796fFCB037

Token Symbol: SENT

Decimals: 8

2,000,000,000 (2B), Total SENT ERC20 TOKEN Supply

Distribution: 75% ICO || 20% Devs || 5% Bounty

Exchanges: HitBTC , YoBit , EtherDelta

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